What is the minimum wage for an apprenticeship for a variety of age groups and how has this changed over the years

If you are interested in apprenticeship, then you must know that there are different age groups and different minimum wages for each group. Especially when apprenticeship in Birmingham are in questions. Several important information need to be shared. First, the apprentices are entitled to the apprentice rate only if they are under 19 or they are in the first year of apprenticeships in birmingham for 16 year olds. If you our over 19 years old you have the option to participate in hgv 1 jobs.

Additionally, the minimum hourly rate is £3.40. Over the years this rate has changed. But here is the current apprentice wage for Birmingham Apprenticeships and all over UK. We stated the one for bellow 19 and over 19. However, the one working Under 18 with full apprentice can get £4.0. Additionally, the one aged from 18 to 20 get £5.55, the ones between 21 to 24 get £6.95 and the ones that are 25 or older get £7.20.

This rates constantly change, so before doing any apprenticeship be sure to check the list. However, these apprenticeship rates don’t change dramatically, and over the years they have changed only for ten to twenty pennies. No bigger change is expected as the experts say. The source of this data is the National Minimum Wages provided by gov.uk.